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Our organization has always believed in upgrading our employees to accommodate the fast growing marine sector.  Started in Year 2008, our training centre can accommodate up to a maximum of 28 persons. Our trainers have been with our company for more than 8 years and have now been training up as qualified trainers.  Till date, we have successfully trained more than 3000 persons on upgrading their skills and for conversion of high levy to low levy scheme.  Basic grinding training, plate and pipe cutting and work safety are also incorporated in the 5 days training prior to the test.  Trainees are tested and qualify by an external surveyor.  Upon passing the test, the certificates will be endorsed every 6 months by the external surveyor.

Trainings provided by our Training Centre are as follow: 

  • Upgrading of welding skills to 3G, 4G  and 6G for Copper Nickel ,Duplex, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel 
  • Conversion of high levy worker permit holder to low levy worker permit holder

Training Board located in our Training Centre

Cutting and Grinding Training for Plate and Pipe

Upgrade and Conversion Training

Completed Products

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