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Tellus Marine Engineering Pte Ltd (TME) was established and incorporated since 1997.

Founded by Mr. Tay Huat Heng BBM, Director of Tellus Group of Companies. He has more than 4 decades of vast experience, leading the team in the Marine & Offshore industries.

TME strives to ensure her reputation is trusted and valued by her clients by exhibiting strong commitment to expert project management and delivering quality projects on time.

TME specializes in the fabrication, assembly and installation of structure construction, piping, electrical and mechanical works for the use in Shipbuilding, Ship Conversions and Repairs, and the construction of Jack up Rigs and Semisubmersibles.


To create a brand in the Marine and Offshore Industries, being “The Regional Choice”.


To expand our business into the region, catering solutions and providing to our clients’ needs and requirements.


T Team spirit, together as one.
e Enhancing innovation and service excellence.
l Loyalty, uncompromising integrity and ethical business practices.
l Leadership in domestic and international Marine and Offshore industries.
u Understanding our customers’ needs.
s Servicing our customers in professional way.


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At Tellus Group of Companies, our people are our main assets. With over 18 years experience in servicing the Marine and Offshore (Oil & Gas) industry, we are a piping engineering based in Singapore, specializing in offering complete piping solutions to clients.

Our well established company has vast dynamic and experienced veterans with many years of project experience, skill and safety mindset to ensure that we execute or deliver our projects in a safe, productive, quality and timely manner.

Since its inception in year 1997, we have undertake all sorts of piping works and successfully completed numerous piping projects for many clients.

In this Marine and Offshore (Oil & Gas) industry where performance standards are being driven higher and higher, you need to work with a partner that you can entrust us with. Tellus Group of Companies is such a partner, which is responsive to its customers' needs.

We have attained the certification of both “BS OHSAS 18001:2007" and “bizSAFE STAR". In partnership, we believe we can reach remarkable heights, and customers can be assured of our service reliability. Tellus Group of Companies will meet the challenges in the years to come.


In Tellus Group of Companies, steelwork remain the core of our business, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality workmanship in a reliable and timely fashion on all types of steel fabrications.

Since its inception in 1997, we have already been recognized by the Marine and Offshore (Oil & Gas) industries. We strive to continue improving our quality and services we deliver to our clients.

We have highly skilled and experienced workforce and management team who have the technical ability and resources to plan and execute new projects and repair work.

We have attained the certification of both “BS OHSAS 18001:2007” and “bizSAFE STAR”.


Tellus Group of Companies has competent personnel that have participated in all phases of project execution, ranging from:
  • Design review and plan approvals;
  • Shipbuilding project management;
  • Procurement;
  • On-site construction supervision;
  • Major conversions and modifications on board;
  • Liaison with the Classification Societies for Class related matters

We, at Tellus Group of Companies are very committed and of utmost importance for us to satisfy our clients requirements through safe operation, quality and constant communication.


Hull Repairs

Fabricate and install of Turret System
Living Quarter
Offshore Jacket


Below are our partial list of some of the piping projects TME has successfully completed:


Below are our partial list of some of the steelwork projects TME has successfully completed:


Project: L201, L202, L203, L204 Fabrication and installation of piping, structural and outfitting works.


Project: Helix MODU Q5000 (Year 2013) Fabrication of Pontoon and Columns works.


Below are our partial list of some of the projects we have undertaken:


Tellus Group of Companies established this training center in the year 2008 to train and equip our workers to serve in the Marine and Offshore (Oil & Gas) industry.

Our team of experienced trainers bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience to promote skills and knowledge of welding technique to fulfill the requirements set by the Marine and Offshore (Oil & Gas) industry.

To date, we have successfully trained more than 5000 workers on upgrading their skills and for conversion of high levy to low levy scheme.

Basic grinding training, plate and pipe cutting and work safely are also incorporated in our training program prior to the test.

Trainees are tested and qualify by an external surveyor. Upon passing the test, the certificates will be endorsed every 6 months by the external surveyor.

We offer the following courses:
  • Upgrading of welding skills to 3G, 4G and 6G for Duplex, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel;
  • Conversion of high levy worker permit holder to low levy worker permit holder.


Tellus Group of Companies is established to explore this potential manpower supplying business and have wide contacts with International Manpower Supplying Agencies around India, Bangladesh, Philippine, Indonesia, China etc. to cater the needs in Marine and Offshore (Oil & Gas) industry.

Our company has skilled and experienced team of manpower to supply and support in various kinds of projects, according to the projects requirements, be it in a short, medium or long term basis.

If you have any requirement or would want to know more about our services, please feel free to contact us at +65 6861 6602 or email us on with your questions. We shall get back to you in the shortest time.


Tellus Group of Companies are also one of the service providers engaged in the Marine & Offshore (Oil & Gas) industry. We do have a fleet of lorries (10ft, 14ft & 24ft), crane lorries (11 tons, 15 tons & 19 tons), vans, pickup and passenger van provided with driver and attendant to cater our customer’s requirements, be it adhoc or permanent contract basis.

Give us this opportunity to serve your esteem organization and we will make sure that adequate manpower is made available and we will use our past experience to handle your cargo extremely carefully and professionally. Do entrust us with the assignment and our rates are also very competitive.


FA Lodge Property Management Pte Ltd is one of the Tellus Group of Companies which we provides dormitory and Warehouse/Industrial Property Services for foreign workers and tenants in our premises. Our premises located at 21B Senoko Loop and 39 Senoko Way can house more than 500 foreign workers and warehouse/industrial usage. All our premises are professionally managed and maintained by experienced and trained staff.

For dormitories, with customers from construction, engineering, marine and several others industries, we are within close proximity to industrial estates, manufacturing companies and Sembawang Shipyard.

We are committed to a high level of excellence to provide a better, clean, safe and comfortable environment to your workers to ensure a pleasant stay with us.

For Warehouse/Industrial Property Services, we will strive to work tirelessly and efficiently in order to satisfy our customers wholly; to work in partnership with our customers to protect, enhance and sustain value in our properties.


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